What is Advanced Penetration Testing?

Advanced Penetration Testing is a simulated cyber security testing to check for exploitable vulnerabilities present in the enterprise IT environment. Advanced Pen Testing involves attempted breaching of application systems or front-end/back-end servers to discover security vulnerabilities, such as unsanitized inputs that can be susceptible to code injection attacks. Therefore, business applications and networks must undergo periodic Penetration Testing to ensure every probable security weakness is discovered and eliminated.

ValueMentor is a CREST Penetration Testing Service Provider in the UK that simulates real-world cyber-attacks & provides quick insights into your security susceptibilities through Advanced Penetration Testing services.

Through our Advanced Pen Testing services in the UK, we demonstrate the existence of known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an intruder – as they appear from outside the perimeter.

Our team conducts more than 500 Advanced Penetration Testing engagements annually.

Advanced Penetration Testing Service

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Advanced Penetration Testing

Organizations shall use the Advanced Pen Testing service to validate their security controls. Some use cases go as below: –

Key Deliverables

A Penetration test gets useful only if the penetration tester provides you with an actionable report that can address your security troubles. It should be easy to understand and should explain each risk in particular.

Advanced Pen Testing methods

Our Advanced Penetration Testing service differs from standard penetration testing in its approach, depth of inspection and coverage of the scope.

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