What is HIPAA Act? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996 or simply HIPAAis a federal law that shields the disclosure of patients Protected Health Information (PHI) in the US and for their business associates worldwide. HIPAA Compliance is considered a vital culture that healthcare entities must integrate into their business to secure the privacy, integrity, and security of sensitive patient health information.  

Healthcare organizations in the United States and their business associates worldwide that includes healthcare entities in the UK, need to comply with the HIPAA / HITECH Regulation. 

With the introduction of the HIPAA Omnibus rule, all business associates in the chain of healthcare support will require HIPAA Certification. They also need a HIPAA Compliance Hosting solution to store protected health information in the public cloud or on dedicated servers. HITRUST is the recommended framework that provides an integrated security approach and a way to demonstrate HIPAA Compliance. Get a fully managed and comprehensive HIPAA Compliance HostingSolution in the UK from our qualified and well-experienced HIPAA consultants. 

ValueMentorHIPAA/ HITRUST Compliance Services 

Our Approach

ValueMentor helps organization an achieve HIPAA Compliance by implementing HITRUST CSF in a phase-wise approach. Hence, the HIPAA Certification is otherwise known as HITRUST Certification. 

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