PCI DSS Compliance in UK

PCI DSS Compliance in UK2023-01-02T07:22:58+00:00

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) denotes a set of technical and organizational requirements developed to assure all companies that process, hold, or transmit cardholder information stay compliant and maintain a secure payment environment. In the Payment Card Industry (PCI), every Merchant and Service Provider will require to protect their customer’s cardholder data. PCI DSS QSA companies are authorized to validate the compliance of merchants & service providers.

ValueMentor PCI DSS Certification program in the UK helps customers achieve PCI DSS Compliance and payment security!

Our PCI DSS Compliance Services focus on examining technical and operational components of a system that fetches cardholder data and ensures that it meets PCI DSS compliance standards. All organizations handling credit card payments require annual PCI DSS Audits for their security controls and processes. Enable multiple layers of security in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) through our simplifiedPCI DSS Compliance Servicesin the UK.

PCI DSS Certification Program 

PCI DSS Certification Program

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Define PCI Certification Scope

The initial phase of a PCI DSS QSA engagement is to define the scope of PCI certification/attestation.

PCI Gap Analysis / Initial PCI Audit

The second phase of the PCI DSS Compliance Services is to identify the gaps in control implementation. A PCI QSA reviews the control implementation using the PCI ROC testing procedures.

PCI Consulting / Remediation Support

Our PCI Customer Success team works with the customers in providing specific advisory support during the PCI remediation phase. Our PCI Compliance Services has helped companies in Banking, Insurance, eCommerce, Payment Gateway, Travel companies, Fintech, and National and regional payment switches achieve the most required PCI DSS UK Certification.


On successful PCI gap closures, customers can engage ValueMentor PCI QSA auditors for final PCI QSA Audit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I know if PCI DSS applies to my business?2022-12-05T04:48:04+00:00

PCI DSS covers all organizations involved in payment card processing, including merchants, acquirers, issuers & service providers. Compliance requirements can vary depending on the number of transactions your business involves annually. Hence, knowing your classification level and responsibilities will help you prepare for a PCI compliance audit.

2. If my business has multiple locations, does each one has to be PCI DSS compliant?2022-12-05T04:48:54+00:00

Referring to the summary of PCI FAQs from PCIComplianceGuide.org., your business needs PCI DSS validation annually once for all locations if they handle payment card data under the same Tax ID. Also, each location would need to pass network scans by a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) quarterly.


3. Do I require a readiness assessment before the PCI DSS Audit?2022-12-05T04:49:46+00:00

You don’t need a readiness assessment but performing the same will help you improve security and achieve PCI DSS compliance by confirming effectual compliance to the standard requirements. PCI DSS assessment lets organizations identify and fix security gaps that might prevent them from successfully completing the audit. As a result, readiness assessment is considered a vital exercise before engaging in PCI DSS Audit.

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