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What is a Source Code Review?

Source Code Review is the line-by-line assessment of the application codebase so that any security flaws or backdoors left in the coding of the application can be identified and patched at the earliest.

ValueMentor is a CREST Penetration Testing Service Provider in the UK authorized to perform secure code reviews. We help you evaluate, detect & prioritize complete security vulnerabilities of an organization’s critical application codebase, contributing to application readiness.

In other words, a Secure Code Review, as referred to in cyber security terms, uncovers complete potential security vulnerabilities present in the application codebase. Therefore, all security flaws resulting from these vulnerabilities could be identified and patched to acceptable levels.

ValueMentor Source Code Review Services in the UK help evaluate, detect & prioritize complete security vulnerabilities of your critical applications codebase. We also provide an effective remediation plan and support as a part of the Secure Code Review process.

Code Review As A Service Overview

Code Review As A Service Overview

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Source Code Review Methodology

Would you like to speak to a Security Analyst?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do you need a secure code review?2022-12-05T04:32:15+00:00
  • Lower the number of delivery faults identified at a later stage in the SDLC.
  • Reduce the time developers spend fixing late-stage defects.
  • Lessen the number of bugs and security vulnerabilities going into the production cycle.
  • Enhance consistency, quality and maintainability across codebases.
  • Improve collaboration, learning, and developer productivity.
  • Improve ROI by helping make processes faster and safer with fewer resources and time.
2. When to perform a secure code review?2022-12-05T04:33:13+00:00

Security must be involved across the entire development lifecycle. Performing frequent peer reviews would increase the overall code quality and help developers exercise secure coding practices that reduce the number of reported issues in the later phase of the application production. However, considering used time and cost, the review process best fits towards the end of the code development cycle when most or all functionalities has got implemented.

3. What does code review as a service focuses on?2022-12-05T04:34:24+00:00

Code review as a service concentrate on seven security mechanisms or areas. The process helps discover the soundness of the application source code in each of the following areas: –

  • Authentication.
  • Authorization.
  • Session management.
  • Data validation.
  • Error handling.
  • Logging.
  • Encryption.
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