Virtual CISO Services in UK

Virtual CISO Services in UK2022-12-05T05:29:20+00:00

What is a Virtual CISO Service? 

A Virtual CISO is an outsourced security practitioner who offers their time and insight to an organization on an ongoing basis, to help design or manage organization’s security strategy. The Virtual CISO or vCISO Services from ValueMentor is a subscription-based security management offering geared towards helping smaller to mid-sized companies. Partner with a specialist information security firm to execute some or all CISO functions. 

ValueMentor Virtual CISO or vCISO Services, UK helps customers with effective advisory strategies and controls, building an upright cyber security posture. 

While vulnerabilities grow with digital transformation, Virtual CISO Consulting Services provides robust security leadership on a subscription-based model like XaaS models. Get Affordable & Effective vCISO Services in UK from our team of senior and experienced Cyber Security Professionals. 

Benefits of vCISO services 

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Goals of vCISO Services 

VCISO – Advisory Role 

VCISO – Managerial Role

VCISO – Operational Role

Would you like to get a free vCISO Consultation?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is CISO-as-a-service?2022-12-05T05:25:45+00:00

CISO-as-a-service or vCISO is another name for Virtual CISO Consulting Services. ValueMentor is a globally trusted firm in the UAE offering vCISO services in the form of a certified information security professional or a team of professionals working remotely and providing the security essentials for businesses. The line of service help organizations create, devise and monitor cyber security strategies, policies and compliance programs, improving their overall security posture.

2. What are the benefits of having a Virtual CISO over a CISO?2022-12-05T05:26:56+00:00

There are several benefits that vCISO – the outsourced and extendable line of service holds over an in-house CISO position. Some of the notable worth factors include: –

  • Access to a team of expert security professionals with different specializations.
  • Affordable line of service for businesses having fewer resources, outlay and time required for an internal hire.
  • Deliver a swifter service than CISO, making you breach-ready with instant and critical response plans.
  • Profound monitoring capabilities and knowledge about the latest security threats.
3. How much does a vCISO cost?2022-12-05T05:27:42+00:00

A Virtual CISO engagement would typically cost businesses from $35k to over $250k per year based on different factors. While considering the cost and impact of facing a data breach, vCISO proves critical for a business regardless of the price tag. However, our vCISO engagements generally decrease in price over time as our customer security programs meet the maintenance phase.

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